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The Journal of Risk Research will stimulate intellectual debate on risk, addressing the growing concern about the role of risk in modern society among industry officials, researchers, regulators and academics and increasing exchanges among those engaged in risk analysis. The journal will address all areas of risk analysis, risk perception, risk communication and management, with an emphasis on social, health and environmental issues.

(As yet there is no suitable refereed journal dedicated to publishing a variety of learned papers in this subject area.)

Until now...

New for 1998, E & FN SPON, a division of Thomson Science and Professional are launching the Journal of Risk Research, the official journal of the Society for Risk Analysis-Europe (SRA-E). This new and exciting quarterly refereed journal will be available both in print and on-line via the internet..

The Journal of Risk Research On-line...

Thomson Science and Professional, providers of advanced electronic journal services, bring you the Journal of Risk Research on-line.

Viewed using Adobe Acrobat, a print and Internet subscription means that the journal can be networked within the confines of your institution. Should you need to check references quickly, the service utilises hypertext links which enable the user to move freely between figures, tables and references. In addition, the electronic version will be available up to one month before its print counterpart.

The Journal of Risk Research will provide you with:

  • a high quality, academic forum in order to advance risk research as a discipline
  • an appropriate vehicle for development and discussion of theory, research and practise in risk research
  • a means of recording and circulating information concerning research work and related activities in risk research
  • extensive peer-reviewed articles so you can be sure that all the papers are of the highest standard

The journal will serve the growing diversity of the risk community, addressing issues concerns outside the current focus of the North American literature, providing the reader with a variety of interesting research results and experiences. The journal will cover research areas of interest to members of SRA-Europe and Japan, as well as areas that have been largely neglected by several of the mainstream journals, including engineering and social/policy sciences.

The journal will consist of: letters to the Editor and viewpoints, theoretical and empirical research articles with occasional commentaries, research notes, book reviews, news of upcoming risk conferences and SRA membership news.

The journal will publish research papers in the areas of behavioural, engineering, physical and social sciences, and papers related to the decision making and policy issues in all disciplines.

A Selection of Forthcoming Papers:

The future of risk research - Jim McQuaid
From risk analysis in Europe to European risk analysis - the first ten years of the SRA-E (1987-1997) - Mark Poumadere
Meta-theoretical foundations for postnormal risk - Eugene Rosa (plus commentary by Jerry Ravetz and Silvio Funtowitz)
Three decades of risk research - Ortwin Renn (plus Commentary by Warner North)
Viewpoint - Sir Frederick Warner
Consequences of perceived risk - Lennart Sjöberg


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