Journal of Laser Applications - Aims & Instructions for Authors

Aims & Scope

The Journal of Laser Applications® is a technically oriented publication of basic and applied papers dealing with the diverse, practical applications of photonics technologies. All technical manuscripts undergo peer review in a timely and objective manner before publication for:

· Originality of the contribution;
· Technical value to the laser applications community;
· Prior publication of the material being reviewed;
· Proper credit to others working in the same area; and
· Justification of the conclusions based on the results.

Editorial Policy

The Journal provides an international forum available in print and electronically for authors across the spectrum of the laser industry. Published bi-monthly for LIA members and subscribers worldwide, the Journal is also distributed at ICALEO and CLEO and other international events.

The Journal publishes material in the form of technical papers, articles, reviews, focused overviews and letters in departments entitled 1)Laser Materials Processing; 2)Sensing, Measurement & Control; 3)Medical, Surgical & Bioeffects; 4)Science Education; and 5)Laser Safety. Senior Editors select manuscripts, arrange reviews and revisions, and allocate publication dates. The standard magazine format permits inclusion of charts, figures, illustrations and photographs. Issues are scheduled for February, April, June, August, October and December.

Instructions for Authors

Original manuscripts and illustrations are required along with a cover letter briefly describing the significance and interdisciplinary nature (if any) of the work. Submit in triplicate, together with original drawings and photos, two copies of the figures and a self-contained Abstract of not more than 200 words.
Manuscripts of no more than 20 pages (except for Invited) including References and Illustrations should be typed double-spaced with one inch (2.5cm) margins on bond paper. Number pages consecutively, beginning with the Title Page. Place captions on a separate sheet and attach Figures and Tables at the end of the manuscript.

Sufficient keywords for indexing should be included after the title and abstract.

Consecutively numbered in the text between square brackets, and listed at the end of manuscript in this style:
1.Mazumder, J. and Kar, A. Transport phenomena in laser materials processing. In Heat and Mass Transfer in Materials Processing. (I. Tanasawa and N. Lior, eds). New York Hemisphere Publishing, pp.81-106, 1922.

Principal authors receive offprints order forms from the publisher, Chapman & Hall, London.

Manuscripts should be original work, not previously published. ICALEO originated manuscripts as published in Proceedings, after peer review, will be identified as such to preclude double citation. Under the terms of US Copyright Law, we are required to obtain a Copyright Transfer from all authors of LIA technical papers. Authors maintain all proprietary rights such as patents, and the right to extract, in part or in whole, the material for future use. Government exceptions will be honored.

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