IIE Transactions

Volume 30; Issue 01

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A formalism to structure and parallelize the integration of cooperative engineering design tasks: NITIN KHANNA, JOSE A.B. FORTES, SHIMON Y. NOF, PP. 0001-0015

Robust design of assembly and machining tolerance allocations: CHUN (CHUCK) ZHANG, HSU-PIN (BEN) WANG, PP. 0017-0029

Base-stock control for single-product tandem make-to-stock systems: IZAK DUENYAS, PRAYOON PATANA-ANAKE, PP. 0031-0039

Performance analysis of assembly/disassembly systems with unreliable machines and random processing times: KEUN-CHAE JEONG, YEONG-DAE KIM, PP. 0041-0053

Buffering unbalanced assembly systems: STEPHEN G. POWELL, DAVID F. PYKE, PP. 0055-0065

The impact of sorting strategies on automated sortation system performance: M. ERIC JOHNSON, PP. 0067-0077

Cut order planning for apparel manufacturing: CHARLOTTE JACOBS-BLECHA, JANE C. AMMONS, AVRIL SCHUTTE, and TERRI SMITH, PP. 0079-0090

Project scheduling algorithms for re-layout projects: THOMAS A. LACKSONEN, CHAO-YEN HUNG, PP. 0091-0099

The equivalence of two-station closed and open serial production systems with finite buffers: DAVID S. KIM, PP. 0101-0106

Book review: Cellular Manufacturing Systems: Design, Planning and Control: PP. 0107 (Direct link to PDF)