Volume 06; Issue 02

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Evaluating the hazard of dodecyl alkyl sulphate to natural ecosystems using indigenous protistan communities: PAUL V. McCORMICK, SCOTT E. BELANGER, JOHN CAIRNS, PP. 0067-0085

Response of soil and leaf litter microarthropods to forest application of diflubenzuron: WILLIAM B. PERRY, TIM A. CHRISTIANSEN, SUE A. PERRY, PP. 0087-0099

Equilibrium partitioning as the basis for an integrated laboratory and field assessment of the impacts of DDT, DDE and DDD in sediments: ROBERT A. HOKE, GERALD T. ANKLEY, PATRICIA A. KOSIAN, ANNE M. COTTER, FRANCES M. VANDERMEIDEN, MARY BALCER, GARY L. PHIPPS, CORLIS WEST, JULIE S. COX, PP. 0101-0125