Volume 05; Issue 03

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Introduction - direct link to PDF

Guest editorial: Asking the right questions: ecotoxicology and statistics - direct link to PDF

ED points and NOELs: how they are used by UK pesticide regulators: P.J. CAMPBELL, S.P. HOY, PP. 0139-0144

Regulatory use of ecotoxicity statistics: a US perspective: MICHAEL C. HARRASS , PP. 0145-0154

Aquatic toxicity tests for the control of effluent discharges in the UK -- the influence of test precision: PAUL WHITEHOUSE, MARK CRANE, C. JOHN REDSHAW, CRAIG TURNER, PP. 0155-0168

Improving the quality of statistics in regulatory ecotoxicity tests: PETER F. CHAPMAN, MARK CRANE, JOHN WILES, FRANK NOPPERT, EDDIE McINDOE, PP. 0169-0186

Time-to-event analyses of ecotoxicity data: MICHAEL C. NEWMAN, JOHN T. McCLOSKEY, PP. 0187-0196

Resampling methods for ecotoxicological data: T.H. SPARKS, P. ROTHERY, PP. 0197-0207

The determination of the toxic influences to Gammarus pulex (amphipoda) caged in urban receiving waters: R.M. MULLISS, D.M. REVITT, R.B.E. SHUTES, PP. 0209-0215