Volume 05; Issue 02

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MINI REVIEW. Interactions between pesticides; a review of reported effects and their implications for wildlife risk assessment: H.M. Thompson, PP. Data not available

Chronic toxicity of Great Lakes sediments to Daphnia magna: elutriate effects on survival, reproduction and population growth: T.S. BRIDGES, R.B. WRIGHT, B.R. GRAY, A.B. GIBSON, T. M. DILLON, PP. Data not available

Contaminant concentrations in Illinois mink and otter: R.S. Halbrook, A. Woolf, G.F. Hubert, S. Ross, W.E. Braselton, PP. Data not available

Sublethal effects of cadmium on arm regeneration in the burrowing brittlestar, Microphiopholis gracillima: A. F. D'ANDREA, S.E. STANCYK , G.T. CHANDLER, PP. Data not available