Volume 05; Issue 01

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Life cycle of the damselfly Calopteryx atrata in relation to pesticide contamination: K. TAKAMURA, PP. Data not available

OChanges in uptake of calcium caused by phytotoxicity of cadmium in Salvinia molesta: J. SINGH, P.N. VISWANATHAN, P. GUPTA, S. DEVI, PP. Data not available

Copper-induced toxicity in aquatic macrophyte, Hydrilla verticillata: effect of pH: M. GUPTA, S, SINHA, P. CHANDRA, PP. Data not available

Pesticide uptake and locomotor behaviour in the woodlouse: an experiment al study employing video tracking and C-labelling: M. BAYLEY, E. BAATRUP, PP. Data not available

Effect of diflubenzuron on the maturation and reproductive success of the copepod Eurytemora affinis: D.A. WRIGHT, J.D. SAVITZ, R. DAWSON, J. MAGEE, R.A. SMUCKER, PP. Data not available