Education and Information Technologies

Volume 01; Issue 03

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Editorial: BETTY COLLIS, BRIAN SAMWAYS, PP. 0187-0190

The computer as a toy and tool in the home: implications for schools and teachers: TONI DOWNES, PP. 0191-0201

CAMELOT: collaborative and multimedia environment for learners on teams: TAKASHI FUJI, TAKESHI TANIGAWA, MASAHIRO INUI, TAKEO SAEGUSA, PP. 0203-0226

Two-way and one-way video: when is 'no difference' significant in distance education?: SHUQIANG ZHANG, CATHERINE P. FULFORD, PP. 0227-0238

Evaluation of information technology in educational management for proactive development: PHIL WILD, ALEX FUNG, PP. 0239-0249

Designing an instructional game: reflections on 'Quest for Independence': CLARK N. QUINN, PP. 0251-0269