Education and Information Technologies

Volume 01; Issue 02

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Editorial - Direct link to PDF

A framework for implementing and teaching the social and ethical impact of computing: C. DIANNE MARTIN , CHUCK HUFF, DONALD GOTTERBARN, KEITH MILLER, PP. 0101-0122

Matrix algebra with hypermedia: SEPPO POHJOLAINEN, JARI MULTISILTA, KOSTADIN ANTCHEV, PP. 0123-0141

The virtual class is coming: JOHN TIFFIN, PP. 0143-0150

Emphasising use over attributes in selection of educational software: ANNE MCDOUGALL, DAVID SQUIRES, SARAH GUSS, PP. 0151-0165

Computer-mediated communication and teacher education: some observations from the implementation of TeleNex: WING-WAH KI, KWOK-WING LAI, PP. 0167-0186

IFIP Committee listing - Direct link to PDF