Education and Information Technologies

Volume 01; Issue 01

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Monitoring the 'Enlaces' educational computer network: Pedro Hepp, Ernesto Laval, Gerardo Mo‘nne, Miguel Ripoll, PP. 0005-0020

Audiographics in transition: changing technologies and patterns of usage: Allan Ellis, Roger Debreceny, Robert Crago, PP. 0021-0041

Use of site-based microcomputers for instructional support: the multi-year experience: Peter W. Wright, PP. 0043-0053

AIDA: a methodology independent support tool for educational software authoring: Ant—ni— JosŽ Mendes, Teresa Mendes, PP. 0055-0074

Teaching collaborative skills with a group leader computer tutor: Margaret M. McManus, Robert M. Aitken, PP. 0075-0096