Evolutionary Ecology

Volume 11; Issue 02

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The `paradox' of polyembryony: A review of the cases and a hypothesis for its evolution: SEAN F.CRAIG, LAWRENCE B. SLOBODKIN, GREGORY A. WRAY , CHRISTIANE H. BIERMANN, PP. 0127-0143

To mark the host or the patch: Decisions of a parasitoid searching for concealed host larvae: THOMAS S. HOFFMEISTER, BERNARD D. ROITBERG, PP. 0145-0168

Maternal effects and additive genetic inheritance in the collared lemming Dicrostonyx groenlandicus: RUDY BOONSTRA, M. HOCHACHKA, PP. 0169-0182

The ecology of diet expansion in a seed-feeding beetle: Pre-existing variation, rapid adaptation and maternal effects?: CHARLES W. FOX, JAN A. NILSSON, TIMOTHY A. MOUSSEAU, PP. 0183-0194

The relationship between geographic area and the latitudinal gradient in species richness in New World birds: TIM M. BLACKBURN, KEVIN J. GASTON, PP. 0195-0204

The effect of temperature on sex ratio in the isopod Porcellionides pruinosus: Environmental sex determination or a by-product of cytoplasmic sex determination?: THIERRY RIGAUD, DELPHINE ANTOINE, ISABELLE MARCADE´, PIERRE JUCHAULT, PP. 0205-0215

Covariation of sexual dichromatism and plumage colours in lekking and non-lekking birds: : ROBERT BLEIWEISS, PP. 0217-0235

Unequal maternal investment in offspring quality in relation to predation risk: JOHANNA MAPPES, TAPIO MAPPES, TIINA LAPPALAINEN, PP. 0237-0243

Effects of inbreeding depression on relatedness and optimal sex ratios: , PP.