Evolutionary Ecology

Volume 10; Issue 04

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Perceptual constraints on optimal foraging: the effects of variation among foragers: HAMISH G. SPENCER, MARTYN KENNEDY, RUSSELL D. GRAY, PP. 331-339

Competition and habitat selection in Namib desert tenebrionid beetles: DAVID WARD, MARY K. SEELY, PP. 341-359

The consequences of adult foraging success on the components of lifetime fitness in a semelparous, sit and wait predator: DOUGLASS H. MORSE, ERICH G. STEPHENS, PP. 361-373

Colonial breeding and speciation in birds: ARNE Ø MOOERS, ANDERS PAPE MØLLER, PP. 375-385

The Bumpus house sparrow data: a reanalysis using structural equation models: BRUCE H. PUGESEK, ADRIAN TOMER, PP. 387-404

Experimental studies on the ecological role of antibiotic production in bacteria: PAMELA WIENER, PP. 405-421

The importance of evolutionary constraints in ecological time scales: MATS BJO¨RKLUND , PP. 423-431

Growth and foraging consequences of facultative paedomorphosis in the tiger salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum nebulosum: HOWARD H. WHITEMAN, SCOTT A. WISSINGER, WENDY S. BROWN, PP. 433-446

The empirical question of thresholds and mechanisms of mate choice: THOMAS J. VALONE, SHAWN E. NORDELL, LUC-ALAIN GIRALDEAU, JENNIFER J. TEMPLETON, PP. 447-455