Evolutionary Ecology

Volume 10; Issue 03

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Calculating the ESS level of information transfer in aggressive communication: PETER L. HURD, RONALD C. YDENBERG, PP. 221-232

Phonotactic parasitoids and cricket song structure: an evaluation of alternative hypotheses: JOHN T. ROTENBERRY, MARLENE ZUK, LEIGH W. SIMMONS, CASSANDRA HAYES, PP. 233-243

Optimal flower lifetimes: ERIC L. CHARNOV, PP. 245-248

Life history invariants, age at maturity and the ferox trout: MARC MANGEL, PP. 249-263

Assortative mating by size: a meta-analysis of mating patterns in water striders: GO¨RAN ARNQVIST, LOCKE ROWE, JAMES J. KRUPA, ANDY SIH, PP. 265-284

Do bright colors at nests incur a cost due to predation?: DAVID G. HASKELL, PP. 285-288

Optimality modelling and quantitative genetics as alternatives to study the evolution of foraging behaviours in insect herbivores: YVES CARRIÈRE, BERNARD D. ROITBERG, PP. 289-305

Statistical properties of polymorphism in host-parasite genetics: STEVEN A. FRANK, PP. 307-317

COMMENT on Frank, Evol. Ecol. 10, 307-17

COMMENT Reply to Parker, Evol. Ecol. 10, 319-22

COMMENT on 1) Frank, Evol. Ecol. 10, 307-17 2) Parker, Evol. Ecol. 10, 319-22 3) Frank, Evol. Ecol. 10, 323-25