Chapman & Hall present a new innovative journal -
in purely electronic form!

Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science is an electronic journal published by Chapman & Hall. It is a high standard peer-reviewed publication devoted to rapid publication of innovative research which covers discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science. The journal is devoted to a quest of quality and immediacy. As a purely electronic journal, it will regularly provide subscribers with new articles. Author's manuscripts are published as soon as they have been accepted and will be available internationally via the Internet.

Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science is published by a professional publishing house which guarantees both the quality and the continuity of the services. The very low subscription prices (the journal is currently free) guarantees a large audience, while keeping (at least) the same quality as paper scientific journals.

Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science seeks research papers in a wide range of areas including:

Authors may submit papers in postscript format to the editor in chief or to any managing editor (according to the field of their paper) with copy to the editor in chief.

Editor in Chief:

Associate Editors

M. Delest
V. Tannen

Honorary Editors:

I.M. Gelfand

Advisory Editors:

P. Flajolet
A. Garsia
A. Lascoux
M. Nivat

Managing Editors:

Algebraic combinatorics:

Bijective and enumerative combinatorics: Theory of graphs: Analysis of algorithms and data structures: Automata and formal languages: Computer algebra: Algorithms and complexity: Graph algorithms: Semantics and foundations of programming: Parallel programming: Parallel architectures and algorithms:
Field Editors:

J. BalcazarS. BeetayebR. BeigelS. Bhatt
P. BerthoméG. BilardiA. BondyF. Brenti
B. BuchbergerR. CypherR. DiestelI. Duff
Z. EsikO. FodaS. FominA. Frieze
H. GanzingerB. GerardsI. GesselG. Gonnet
T. GuttmannF. HsuM. ItoF. Jaeger
T. JantzenC. JesshopeJ. KarhümakiR. Kemp
A. KirillovP. KolaitisR. LabahnY. Lafont
H. LangeB. LeclercB. LisperA. Machi
B. MaggsM. MaherC. McDiarmidF. Meyer Auf der Heyde
D. MillerA. MorrisT. NipkowP. Pardalos
D. PelegB. PierceT. PitassiT. Priol
H. PrödingerD. RawlingsA. RestivoT. Recio
V.S. RetakhC. ReutenauerJ. RolimG. Sénizergues
B. ShepherdR. SimionD.B. SkillicornM. Soria
D. SotteauI. StojmenovicH. StraubingR. Sutor
W. SzpankowskiN. TakayamaR. ThomasW. Thomas
Z. TuzaV. UfnarowskiV. VianuG. Villard
P. WadlerP. WeilH. WilfT. Yang

See the editorial board for further details of topics covered.

To view a sample paper for this exciting new journal, you can download it as either a postscript file or a PDF file. This is a draft copy which has not been fully formatted or edited. This example is to show the type of academic papers which would be accepted, it should not be seen as representative of future publications. If you need to dowload a free Acrobat Viewer you can collect one from the Adobe site

Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science is still in its early stages, if you would like to take the opportunity to comment on any aspects of this innovative new journal click here to view the DMTCS questionnaire

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