Cable Shielding For Electromagnetic Compatibility

Anatoly Tsaliovich, Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Labs, Homdel, New Jersey

The field of electromagnetic shielding is rapidly developing to anticipate and meet the needs of various modern electronics industries-from computers to cable television to telecommunications. And with the latest advances in shielding technology come questions about techniques, approaches, and economic benefits.

Cable Shielding for Electromagnetic Compatability has the answersprofessionals need. Author Anatoly Tsaliovich draws upon his thirty years of experience in the field to provide this complete, up-to-date refrence guide to the fundamentals of electromagnetic compatability (EMC) and cable shielding.

This single-source volume integrates basic concepts with hands-on techniques and practical recommendations on a broad range of subjects, from electromagnetic energy coupling and transfer mechanisms in shielded cables and interconnections to design and selection methods of cost-effective optimal shields for interconnections at all levels: a single chip, a printed wiringboard, a cable and cable assembly, a shelf, a device, and up to complex networks.

You'll find comprehensive coverage of the theoretical frameworks and practical applications of the major EMC technologies, as well as: *The role of cables and interconnections in the electronic (EMC) *How to implement a shielded cabling system in a wide range of consumer, military, medical, and industrial applications *How the latest electromagnetic and physical designs of cable shileding meet the electronic system requirments *The latest shielding evaluation techniques and experimental EMC performance data Cable Shielding fr Electromagnetic Compatability also offers step-by-step direction for the changing national and international standards, working plans for meeting specific design goals, and testes ways to ease the cost burdens of implementation.

Contents: Electronic cable in EMI environment; Understanding cable shielding; Transfer parameters of cable shielding; Electromagnetic coupling and shielding; Measurement techniques and apparatus: The tools of the trade; Cable shielding engineering; Bibiography. Index

1996: 6 x 9: 469pp: 175 illustrations
Hardback: 0-442-01425-2: $69.95

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