Chemical Vapor Deposition

Thermal and Plasma Deposition of Electronic Materials

Srinivasan Sivaram , Senior Scientist, Intel

Chemical vapor deposition has become one of the key processes in the development of ultra-large-scale integrated circuit fabrication. Yet despite its importance, no book has provided unified coverage of CVD and its subprocesses to assist today's process engineers. Nor has any book examined the vital relationship between the structure and properties of thin films and show how to achieve these properties of thin films and the conditions during deposition.

Chemical Vapor Deposition amply fills this vacuum. This timely reference provides an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to CVD on a relatively fundamental level, enabling researchers with a basic background in any engineering field to readily understand and apply CVD techniques. At the same time, it becomes the first work to address CVD from the perspective of the properties of thin films and show how to achieve these properties by understanding and modifying deposition conditions.

The book develops the concepts of CVD from first principles and leads readers through the design of reactors and the deposition of films for the microelectronics industry. It offers a uniquely comprehensive examination of the two major approaches to CVD - thermal and plasma CVD - presenting unifying concepts from materials science, and chemical, electrical, and manufacturing engineering.

Chemical Vapor Deposition also includes a one-of-a-kind chapter on process design for manufacturability, recognizing that too many novel processes now being developed and integrated into manufacturinh have to be reingineered on line at considerable cost. Just as innovatively, it serves the applied needs of engineers who develop conductor, semiconductor. and dielectric systems by covering such areas as the CVD of metals, laser CVD, and OMCVD.

An essential tool for process, development, and manufacturing engineers involved in VLSI fabrication, as well as CVD reactor and equipment designers, Chemical Vapor Deposition also works effectively as a classroom resource for senior and graduate students in materials science and electrical and chemical engineering.

Contents: Introduction; Introduction to thin film phenomena; Manufacturability; Chemical equilibrium and kinetics; Reactor design for thermal CVD; Fundamentals of plasma chemistry; Processing plasmas and reactors; CVD of conductors; CVD of dielectrics; CVD of semiconductors; Emerging CVD techniques; Appendices

1995: 6 x 9: 292pp 132 illustrations
Hardback: 0-442-01079-6: $64.95

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