Chapman & Hall publish books and journals in a number of scientific and professional disciplines. We have created resource centers to provide subject areas with a central point from which to launch into the full resources of the Internet as well as providing new book information and other items of interest. Constantly updated, the Resource Centers are invaluable to anyone working in these areas.

We continue to develop resource centers for our disciplines. Please return to the site soon.

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IT and Applied Computing Resource

Electronic Publishing

Earth & Planetary Sciences
Earth & Planetary Sciences Resource Center

Materials Sciences and Engineering
Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering Resource Center

Mechanical Engineering Resource Center

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Resource Center

Material Science & Engineering Resource

Statistics and Mathematics Resource

Food and Fine Chemistry
Fine Chemistry Information Resource

Food Science and Technology Resource Center

Life Sciences
Life Science Resource Center

Biodiversity Resource Center

Nutrition Resource Center

Internal Medicine


General Medicine
Medical Resource Center

Civil Engineering Resource Center
Interactive Construction Online
E & FN Spon

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