MPEG Video Compression Standard

For all those interested in high definition television, multimedia, and image compression, this unique reference will be an essential tool. It provides the first comprehensive introduction to this field, incorporating material ranging from basic concerns of newcomers to the field through sophisticated reviews of cutting edge technical issues.

Written by acknowledged experts in the field, MPEG Video Compression Standard offers important benefits to readers, including:

  • Detailed information on MPEG modes of operation, signaling conventions, and structure of MPEG compressed data
  • Each section of the book is labeled by level of technical difficulty, allowing less technical readers to skip higher level sections and still gain a broad understanding of the subject while guiding advanced readers to the in-depth coverage they require

With its comprehensive coverage of MPEG video compression, this important book meets the needs those working to develop the standard as well as those who use MPEG in their work. Electrical engineers, multimedia producers, computer scientists, as well as all those interested in this fast growing field will find MPEG Video Compression Standard essential in their work.

About the authors

Joan L. Mitchell is a Research Staff Member at the IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center
William B. Pennebaker is a consultant and former Research Staff Member, IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center
Chad E. Fogg
Didier J. Le Gall

Digital Multimedia Standards Series
October 1996: 7 x 10: approx.512pp
Hardback: 0-412-08771-5: $69.95

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