Instant Access to Expert Knowledge

In August 1995, Chapman & Hall acquired Intellipath, an expert system and image library for clinical pathologists. Intellipath is the first pathology information system that offers diagnostic capabilities to help with differential diagnosis. The system offers 20 organ-system modules, with knowledge bases and video libraries compiled by internationally recognized experts. Intellipath provides more than 85,000 color slides, with individual organ-system modules containing up to 10,000 slides each. In addition to its advanced diagnostic capabilites, it is also a remarkable teaching aid, reference source, and speech and lecture generator.

The system is fast, flexible and easy to use. All components can be instantaneously accessed by clicking a mouse. Pathologists with no computer experience can master its operation within minutes. Simply point at a disease or feature component of the system, click the mouse, and gain access to a wealth of data.

The system is comprised of four discrete components:

1. Expert System with Advanced Diagnostic Capabilities

Interactive expert knowledge is instantaneously availbale to you. The system:

2. Video Atlases and Text Organized by Organ System

In each organ system module, information can be accessed instantaneously in two major ways: by feature and by disease. Diseases are described, and the illustrations include legends.

3. "Carousel Mode" to Build Customized Lectures

Build hundreds of customized lectures to teach medical students and residents or to create conference presentations for clinicians. Use any of thousands of pictures, sequence them in any order desired, and insert text in between the pictures. The text itself can be modified to create an unlimited number of multiple-choice questions for exams.

4. Anatomic Pathology Information System

Save time spent on dictating, transcribing and correcting reports. Pathology reports can be customized to meet any specifications with SNOP and SNOMED codes automatically added by the system. Reports can be saved on the computer and retrieved by name of patient, surgical number, or diagnosis.

Intellipath is currently available on laser disc, and we are working to convert all existing modules to CD-ROM format, as well as develop new organ-system modules on CD-ROM. The first of these new products will be available in early 1996.

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