Understanding the NAVSTAR:

Second Edition

Tom Logsdon, Rockwell International, Seal Beach, California

The Navstar Global Positioning System (GPS) is being financed by military dollars, but the precise navigation signals it broadcasts are available free of charge to anyone, anywhere. Over the next ten years sponsors of Navstar navigation will be investing an estimated $20 billion to harness the Navstar's precisely timed signals for a multitude of civilian and military uses.

Thoroughly updated to eflect today's advancing technologies, this timely second edition features two new chapters exploring the interactions between Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and the Navstar GPS and the implementation of Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS). In this second edition Tom Logsdon also explores each new commercial application and illustrates it with practical examples.

Understanding the Navstar, Second Edition, completely explains the background of the Navstar system, its underlying technologies, and its emerging military and commercial applications. In clear, readable prose, Logsdon provides up-to-date information on a broad array of Navstar-related topics:

Contents: The science of navigation; The Navstar GPS; Performance comparisons for today's radionavigation systems; User-set architecture; User-set performance; Differential navigation and pseudo-satellites; Interferometry techniques; Integrated navigation systems; Interoperability with other navigation systems; The Navstar satellites; Precise time synchronization; Digital avionics and air traffic control; Geodetic surveying and satellite positioning; Military applications; Civil applications; Geographical information systems; Intelligent vehicle highway systems; Appendices, Glossary, and Bibliography.

1995: 7 x 10: 350pp
Hardback: 0-442-02054-6: $49.95

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