Edited by Ronald Lieberman, Food and Drug Administration

Chronicles an ongoing revolution in immunology, biotechnology and the emerging regulatory science of drug development. Written by leading scientists from academia, industry and government, it encompasses pharmaceutical drug and biologic development for transplantation and autoimmunity. Topics include: * the molecular mechanisms of recently approved immunomodulators (tacrolimus, mycophenolate mofetil) * induction of tolerance by donor-specific cell therapy * oral antigenic tolerization to genetically engineered cell transplants for diabetes and parkinsonism * animal models * clinical pharmacology * practical issues in trial design and analysis * current status of promising new agents to pharmacoeconomic principles of drug marketing. This book is a guide for taking a new molecule or recombinant DNA peptide from concept, discovery and preclinical research to clinical evaluation and postmarking surveillance. The systematic approach delineated is relevant to the development of new agents for the treatment of disorders not involved with the immune system.

Audience: researchers and clinicians in transplantation, immunology, pharmacology and therapeutics

A Chapman & Hall-R. G. Landes Co-Publication
February 1996 : 8-1/2 x 11 : approx.889pp
158 figures, 117 tables
Hardback: 0-412-10061-4: $99.95


Expression, Assembly and Function

Edited by Robert Urban, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts and Roman M. Chicz, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts

This book covers various gene products of the major histocompatibility complex from transcription to disease association and therapeutic regulation of the cellular immune response. Chapters are written by leading experts in the area of research, and each includes a brief introduction with additional references on the specifics of the major histocompatibility complex. Both experts in clinical immunology and newcomers to the field will find this an invaluable reference.

Audience: clinical specialists and researchers in immunology, autoimmunity and transplantation

A Chapman & Hall-R. G. Landes Co-Publication
February 1996 : 8-1/2 x 11 : approx.328pp
76 figures, 14 tables
Hardback: 0-412-10281-1: $79.95


Edited by Edmund C. Lin, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts and A. Simon Lynch, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts

This up-to-date guide focuses on the understanding of key regulatory mechanisms governing gene expression in Escherichia coli. Studies of E. coli not only provided the first models of gene regulation, but research continues to yield new and exciting control mechanisms. Chapters are contributed by researchers at the forefront of their respective fields. As complete genomic DNA sequences of bacteria become available, this volume will serve as a useful guide to the development of experimental strategies for those seeking to explore aspects of gene regulation in diverse bacterial species or to identify new antibiotic targets.

Audience: researchers in genetics, gene regulation and antibiotics, and teachers/advanced students in the prokaryotic field

A Chapman & Hall-R. G. Landes Co-Publication
February 1996 : 6 x 9 : approx. 296pp
87 figures, 17 tables
Hardback: 0-412-10291-9: $79.95


Edited by Richard K. Burt, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Illinois;

A therapeutic manual designed as a quick, practical guide and reference for house oficers, fellows and nurses on the bome marrow transplant unit.. Indications, complications, drug doeses and approaches to clinical management problems are emphasized. Diseases requiring bone marrow transplants, such as multiple myeloma, lymphomas, pediatric malignancies and adult solid tumors have chapters devoted to them. This is the first entry in the Chapman & Hall Medical Consultant handbook series covering major medical specialities. Audience: specialists in bone marrow transplantation; oncologists.
A Chapman & Hall-R. G. Landes Co-Publication
April 1996 : 6 x 9 : approx. 580pp
44 figures, 179 tables
Spiral bound: 0-412-10391-5: $49.95

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