ESD: From A to Z

Second Edition

John M. Kolyer, Rockwell International Corp., Anaheim, California
Donald Watson, Rockwell International Corp., Anaheim, California

"In the past five years," say John Kolyer and Donald Watson, "the field of electrostatic discharge control has undergone some notable changes. "Their significantly revised and expanded edition of ESD From A to Z fully explains these important developments, providing practittioners with state-of-the-art guidance on developing effective static control programs.

In the five years since the publication of the first edition, the authors - two senior engineering specialists from Rockwell International - have written several articles on ESD control, covering such evolving areas as ESD-protective packaging, static-safee workstations, and the Charged Device Model.

The combination of the authors' ongoing work, responses to new industry standards, and development of enhanced air ionization techniques has inspired the five completely new chapters featured in the Second Edition:

Existing sections in ESD From A to Z have been thoroughly revised and updated. New examples have been added to the troubleshooting chapter; and new versions of model specifications for ESD-safe handling and packaging can be found in the specifictions chapter. The Appendix now includes ten recently published papers (making a total of 20) whose topics span the field of ESD control.

"Even if the ESD is imperceptible and sparkless" warn Kolyer and Watson, "it may still damage a highly sensitive integrated circuit. In any case, ESD is formerly static electricity in motion, and this motion, like the swing of a wrecking ball, can do damage and must be controlled." The second edition of ESD From A to Z gives ESD specialists the latest, hands-on information that will help ensure them this level of control, even in worst-case situations.

Contents: Preface to revised Edition; Introduction; How to use this book; Basic physics; Fundamentals of ESD Control; Real and conceptual tolls from A to Z; The charged device model (CDM); The static-safee package (SSP); The static-safe workstation (SSW); ESD troubleshooting: illustrative examples; Model specifications; Industry standards; Living without MIL-STD-1686; Program organization and implementation; Disposition of mishandled hardware; Checklists, what to buy and do, conclusion; The future; References; Appendix

1996: 6 x 9: 338pp:0 51 illus
Hardback: 0-412-08381-7: $64.95

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