Digital Telephony And Network Integration

Second Edition

Bernard E. Keiser and Eugene Strange

Reflecting the dramatic changes in digital telephony, this guide is a major revision of one of the industry's leading sources on digital transmission, switching, and networking. New to this edition is information on emerging voice and data transmission technologies that have revolutionized communicatioons systems over the past decade:

The book includes sample problems that show how to apply key concepts and offers detailed discussions of ISDN, speech encoding, digital video, and SONET. It also take a close-up look at the future of digital telephony and the movement toward worldwide systems configuration standards.

As the definitive sourcebook of digital transmission tools and techniques, it will stand telecommunications engineers and technicians and communications engineers working with interactive systems in good stead as both a reference and a guidebook.

Contents: A Network in Transition; Speech Digitalization Fundamentals; Waveform Coding; Parametric and Hybrid Coding; Digital Techniques in the Telephone Network; Digital Transmission; Digital Celular Radio; Microwave Transmission; Satellite Transmission; Fiber Optic Transmission; Digital Switching Architecture; Operational Switching Systems; The Evolving Switched Digital Network; The Integrated Services Digital Network; Closing the Loop; Appendices and Glossary

1995: 6 x 9: 669pp: 330 illustrations
Hardback: 0-412-09881-4: $64.95

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