Examination/Inspection Copies
and On Approval Copies

This service has been developed to allow you to examine a book and decide whether it is exactly what you need, before making the decision to purchase or adopt the book for course use. All you need to decide is whether you require an Examination/Inspection Copy or an On Approval Copy of a book. Both options are detailed below:

Examination/Inspection Copies

These are sent on 30 days free approval for books worth £25 or less. An invoice, dated 30 days from the day we process the order, accompanies each book. Within this service you have 3 options as follows:

On Approval Copies

These are sent on approval for 60 days. An invoice, dated 60 days from the day we process your order, accompanies each book. There are 2 options with this service as follows:

Ordering Your Examination/Inspection Copy or On Approval Copy

To order either an Examination/Inspection or On Approval Copy of a book, please fill in the following order form. Please send the form to the appropriate destination listed at the end of the form. The form is available in two versions:

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