Coronary Artery Disease

Volume 08; Issue 10

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Apoptosis and cardiovascular disease: an overview: Edited by William E. Hopkins, PP. 0591-0592

An overview of apoptosis: Ralph C. Budd, PP. 0593-0597

Apoptosis in congenital heart disease: Thomas N. James, PP. 0599-0616

Apoptosis in heart transplantation: Robert E. Shaddy, PP. 0617-0621

Vascular smooth muscle cell apoptosis in abdominal aortic aneurysms: Robert W. Thompson, Shixiong Liao, John A. Curci, PP. 0623-0631

Echocardiographic detection of the extent of coronary artery disease in the elderly using dobutamine and adenosine infusion: Lambros P. Anthopoulos, Maria S. Bonou, Elias P. Sioras, Athanassios I. Kranidis, Fotis G. Kardaras, Ioannis P. Antonellis, PP. 0633-0643

Alcohol, ischemic heart disease, and the French paradox: Jules Constant, PP. 0645-0649

Doppler echocardiographic evaluation of latent pulmonary hypertension by passive leg raising: Masuo Ohashi, Koichi Sato, Shin Suzuki, Miho Kinoshita, Koichi Miyagawa, Masayoshi Kojima, Yasuaki Dohi, PP. 0651-0655

Coronary arteriography in elderly patients: risk, therapeutic consequences and long-term follow-up: Klaus Reynen, Kurt Bachmann, PP. 0657-0666

Disease burden of cardiovascular disease in the elderly: David T. Kelly, PP. 0667-0669

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