Coronary Artery Disease

Volume 08; Issue 05

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Plasma endothelin-1 levels in non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus patients with macrovascular disease: Nilgün Güvener, Kudret Aytemir, Serdar Aksöyek, Olcay Gedik, PP. 0253-0258

Wall thickening at rest and contractile reserve early after myocardial infarction: correlation with myocardial perfusion and metabolism: Paul Dendale, Philippe R. Franken, Ernst E. van der Wall, Albert de Roos, PP. 0259-0264

Intravascular ultrasound assessment of direct percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty in patients with acute myocardial infarction: Wolfgang Bocksch, Michael Schartl, Stephan Beckmann, Stefan Dreysse, Eckart Fleck, PP. 0265-0273

Coronary collateral blood-flow velocity improves with repeated coronary occlusions during angioplasty in patients with coronary artery disease and systemic hypertension: Zenon S. Kyriakides, Eftihia Sbarouni, Ioannis A. Paraskevaidis, Tsabikos Giakoumakis, Dimitrios Tsiapras, Dimitrios Th. Kremastinos, PP. 0275-0281

Does long-term angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition affect the concentration of tissue-type plasminogen activator-plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 in the blood of patients with a previous myocardial infarction: Ole Dyg Pedersen, Jorgen Gram, Xavier Jeunemaitre, Eliane Billaud, Jorgen Jespersen, PP. 0283-0291

A randomized animal study evaluating the efficacies of locally delivered heparin and urokinase for reducing in-stent restenosis: Ran Kornowski, Mun K. Hong, Fermin O. Tio, Suk K. Choi, Orville Bramwell, Martin B. Leon, PP. 0293-0298

The effect of basic fibroblast growth factor on coronary vascular tone in experimental hypercholesterolemia: David Hasdai, Verghese Mathew, Robert S. Schwartz, David R. Holmes Jr, Amir Lerman, PP. 0299-0304