TITLE: Effects of OG-VI, a nucleoside-nucleotide mixture, on ischemic myocardial metabolism in dogs

JOURNAL: Coronary Artery Disease
PAGES: 0039-0043

AUTHOR: Yasunaga Okazaki, Seiichiro Kano, Shohei Ogoshi, Kazuo Ichihara

ADDRESS: Department of Surgery II, Kochi Medical School, Nankoku, Japan. Department of Pharmacology, Hokkaido College of Pharmacy, Otaru, Japan. Department of Clinical Pharmacology (Tsumura), Asahikawa Medical College, Asahikawa, Japan

ABSTRACT: Background OG-VI is a solution composed of 30 mmol/l inosine, 30 mmol/l sodium 5, 30 mmol/l cytidine, 22.5 mmol/l uridine, and 7.5 mmol/l thymidine, which is known to improve myocardial stunning.Objective To study the effect of OG-VI on myocardial energy and carbohydrate metabolism during ischemia.Methods Ischemia was induced in pentobarbital-anesthetized open-chested dogs for 3 min by left anterior descending coronary artery ligation. Saline, 1.2 mmol/kg per min OG-VI, or 12 mmol/kg per min OG-VI was infused at 0.1 ml/kg per min, starting 30 min before the onset of ischemia. The myocardium was extracted 3 min after the onset of ischemia, and used to determine the tissue levels ofenergy and carbohydrate metabolites.Results Ischemia decreased the levels of ATP and fructose 1,6 diphosphate significantly, and increased those of AMP, glucose 6 phosphate, fructose 6 phosphate and lactate. OG-VI infusion preserved theadenine nucleotide levels significantly in 3 min ischemic hearts, and attenuated the ischemia-induced alteration of carbohydrate metabolism.Conclusion OG-VI may improve the myocardial metabolic derangement induced by ischemia.