Biotechnology Techniques

Volume 11; Issue 04

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A mathematical model applied to the fungal colony growth of Sclerotium rolfsii: Julia I. Farin˜a, Gabriel Raya Tonetti, Nora I. Perotti, PP. 0216-0220

Screening of fungi for phytase production: S. Gargova, Z. Roshkova, G. Vancheva, PP. 0221-0224

Cross-linked stabilization of Escherichia coli penicillin G acylase against pH by dextran-dialdehyde polymers: Haluk Ertan, Dilek Kazan, Altan Erarslan, PP. 0225-0230

Aqueous two-phase system formed by thermoreactive vinyl imidazole/vinyl caprolactam copolymer and dextran for partitioning of a protein with a polyhistidine tail: Telma Teixeira Franco, Igor Yu. Galaev, Rajni Hatti-Kaul, Niklas Holmberg, Leif Bu¨low, Bo Mattiasson, PP. 0231-0236

Rapid initiation of suspension cultures of Trichoplusia ni insect cells (TN 5B-1-4) using heparin: R.A. Taticek, K.A. McKenna, R.R. Granados, Michael L. Shuler, PP. 0237-0240

Effective release of ginseng saponin from suspension cells of Panax notoginseng: Jian-Jiang Zhong, Xian-Dan Meng, Yi-Heng Zhang, Song Liu, PP. 0241-0244

Native Enzyme Mobility Shift Assay (NEMSA): a new method for monitoring carboxyl group modification of carboxymethylcellulase from Aspergillus niger : Mohammad Hamid Rashid, Abdul Aala Najmus Saqib, Muhammad Ibrahim Rajoka, Khawar Sohail Siddiqui, PP. 0245-0248

Maintenance of fungal strains on cryopreservative-immersed porous ceramic beads: Zs. Pala´gyi, A. Nagy, M. Vastag, L. Ferenczy, Cs. Va´gvo¨lgyi, PP. 0249-0250

Mass transfer analysis for immobilized cells of Lactococcus lactis sp. using both simulations and in-situ pH measurements: Remy Cachon, Christophe Lacroix, Charles Divies, PP. 0251-0256

Pulse NMR study of structural characteristics of temperature-sensitive hydrogel: R. Roger Ruan, Jun Han, Paul L. Chen, Blanca C. Martinez, PP. 0257-0260

Reactors for continuous primary beer fermentation using immobilised yeast : Daniela Smogrovicova´, Zolta´n Do¨m┼Żny, Peter Gemeiner, Anna Malovi´kova´, Ernest Sturdi´k, PP. 0261-0264

Preparation of fluorescein-labelled and biotinylated derivatives of polysaccharides for lectin-saccharide binding studies: J. Liberda, M. Ticha´, V. Jona´kova´, PP. 0265-0268

Trehalose analysis using ion exchange HPLC coupled with electrochemical detection: D.B. Murray, Y. Hayashida, K. Nishimura, PP. 0269-0270