Biotechnology Techniques

Volume 11; Issue 01

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Volatile organic compounds evaporation chamber for the simulation of gas effluents in laboratory research: J. Peixoto, M. Mota, PP. 0001-0006

Model for prediction of immobilized Acetobacter cell number in calcium alginate gel droplets: , PP. 0007-0008

Thermostability and esterification activity of Mucor javanicus lipase entrapped in silica aerogel matrix and in organic solvents: Tadeusz Antczak, Julita Mrowiec-Bialon, Stanislaw Bielecki , Andrzej B. Jarzebski, Janusz J. Malinowski, Andrzej I. Lachowski, Edward Galas, PP. 0009-0011

Dipeptide synthesis using acetylated trypsin derivative: Ann Murphy, Ciaran Ofgain, PP. 0013-0016

On-line estimation of lactic acid concentration by conductivity measurement in fermentation broth: T Payot, M Fick, PP. 0017-0020

Immunoassay identification of Aspergillus flavus using monoclonal antibodies raised to the whole cell extracts: A.A.G. Candlish, M.S. Wibowo, J.E. Smith, PP. 0021-0024

Peptide synthesis by surfactant-chymotrypsin complexes in organic media: Kojiro Abe, Toshiyuki Kawazoe, Shin-ya Okazaki, Masahiro Goto, Fumiyuki Nakashio, PP. 0025-0029

Encapsulation of lactic acid bacteria with alginate/starch capsules: T. Jankowski, M. Zielinska, A. Wysakowska, PP. 0031-0034

Purification of β(-N-acetyl-d-glucosaminidase from Aspergillus niger using thermostabilization and heat as the initial step: Licia M. Pera, Mario D. Baigori´, Danley Callieri, PP. 0035-0037

Liquid injection gas chromatography and the ALDH assay overestimate free acetaldehyde in complex fermentation media: T.J. Hobley, N.B. Pamment, PP. 0039-0042

A phagemid shuttle vector based on filamentous phage πLf and the E. coli vector pOK12 for use in Xanthomonas campestris: Nien-Tsung Lin, Yi-Hsiung Tseng, PP. 0043-0045

Modeling of recombinant bacteria fermentation for enhanced productivity: H.R. Baheri, W.J. Roesler, G.A. Hill, PP. 0047-0050

Transposon mutagenesis: Cloning of chromosomal DNA from the site of Tn916 insertion using polymerase chain reaction: Jan Nova´k, Lea Novak, Ging R. Shah, Wendy A. Woodruff, Page W. Caufield, PP. 0051-0054

Screening for hydroxynitrile lyases in plants: Andrea Hickel, Georg Heinrich, Helmut Schwab, Herfried Griengl, PP. 0055-0058

Fed-batch culture of Escherichia coli W by exponential feeding of sucrose as a carbon source: Jeongseok Lee1, Sang Yup Lee1, Sunwon Park, PP. 0059-0062