An International Journal on the Relationship between Disordered Human Behaviour and underlying Biological Mechanisms

Behavioural Neurology is devoted entirely to this exciting medical discipline - an amalgamation of clinical neurophysiology and biological psychiatry. Paper dealing with disorders of mood, personality and intelligence are a major feature of the journal, as well as those concerned with the structural basis of normal and abnormal human behaviour.

Behavioural Neurology provides unique coverage of this rapidly developing area. Highly respected in the field, it will appeal to clinicians such as behavioural neurologist and neuropsychiatrists, and also cognitive neuroscientists such as neuropsychologists, neurochemists and psychopharmacologists.

As well as original research papers the journal contains review papers, commentaries, short reports and book reviews. Occasional supplements are devoted to a particular subject area, and can be delivered as part of the annual subscription or purchased individual.


Harvey J Sagar


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