Dear Colleague

An essential new resource for the community

Aquarium Sciences and Conservation is a quarterly international publication which will provide up-to-date information to professional and amateur aquarists, including those involved with public aquaria. captive breeding programmes and the ornamental fish industry.

The Editorial Board is drawn from throughout the world, and is committed to encouraging influential and international debate in the field. We aim to establish Aquarium Sciences and Conservation as the leading forum for scholarly, pertinent and substantial discussion on the subjects of the day.

Wide enough in scope to be of interest to fish biologists as well as those maintaining aquaria for education and research purposes, Aquarium Sciences and Conservation covers Aquaria, Water Quality Management, Fish and other Aquatic Vertebrates, Aquatic Invertebrates, Aquatic Botany, and Conservation.

I hope you will share our enthusiasm and look forward to a successful year in 1998 for Aquarium Sciences and Conservation.

Yours faithfully

Peter Burgess

chapman and hall