Journal of the European Aquaculture Society

Aquaculture International is a quarterly journal devoted to publishing original research papers in the English language on any subject relevant to aquaculture. Short communications, technical notes and review papers will also be accepted, as will book reviews.

The submission of papers is encouraged where the emphasis is placed on aspects such as: The biology, physiology, pathology and genetics of cultured fish, crustaceans, molluses and plants; The water quality of supply systems, fluctuations in water quality within farms, and the environmental impacts of aquacultural operations. Nutrition, feeding and stocking practices, especially as they affect the health, behaviour, appetite, conversion effeciency and growth rate of cultured species. The development of economically sound sustainable production techniques. Bioengineering studies focusing on important aspects of the design and management of both offshore and land-based systems, as well as the integration and application of improved scientific and engineering technologies. The improvement of quality and marketing of farmed products.
Each article should include a clear statement of the practical significance and implications of the results obtained, from original research conducted or literature synthesized, in a way that can be readily appreciated by commercial farmers. Recommendations should be made whenever possible.

Michael G. Poxton, Aquaculture Associates International, Codnor, Derbyshire, UK

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