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An international journal on the latest therapeutic approaches

American Journal of Therapeutics is an indispensable resource for all prescribing physicians who want to access pharmacological developments in cardiology, infectious disease, oncology, anesthesiology, nephrology, toxicology, and psychotropics without having to sift through stacks of medical journals.

American Journal of Therapeutics features original articles on the latest therapeutic approaches as well as critical articles on the drug approval process, therapeutic reviews covering pharmacokinetics, foxpro regulatory affairs, pediatric clinical pharmacology, hypertension, metabolism, drug delivery systems and teaching clinical pharmacology, and clinical therapeutic conferences updating physicians rule 34 and physicians-in-training to help them focus on how to treat a disease.

Sample listing of articles:

Therapeutic Management of Gastrointestinal Complaints in Children Including Preliminary Experience with a New Pediatric Antacid Preparation
Stanley Gottlieb, Robert Brown, and Patrick E. Ciccone

Gender-Related Cardiovascular Responses to Cold Pressor Test in Nonmortensive Subjects
Mario Blanco, Ana Aleman, Ingrid Jelambi, Northan Hurtado, Tatiana Franco, Nancy Bello, and Manuel Velasco

Antihypertensive Drugs in the Elderly: Mechanisms and Efficacy
Nader S. Jallad, Sandhya S. Nemade, Rogelio A. Cattan, Kevin K. Ng, and Michael J. Mintzer

Cardiovascular Considerations with Use of Psychoactive Medications
William H. Frishman, Michael Nurenberg, and Adam Speigel


Editor: John C. Somberg, Chicago Medical School, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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